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Why Your Home May Still Be On The Market

You may have put your home on the market quite some time ago and it may still be unsold. This is really disheartening, especially when you know you have a great piece of real estate on your hands. Read the list below to find out if one of these is the reason that your home may still be on sale.

You have a pile of furniture and personal items in the home. This will do it every time, so be really careful about this. Yes, it is your home and you should feel free to do what you like with it, but having a fully furnished home up for grabs makes the sale that much harder. This is because potential buyers are not usually able to look past your furniture to image theirs sitting in the same place.

Your realtor has not been doing their job well. This is one thing that can definitely hinder a home sale. How are people supposed to buy a home when they are not sure it is even there? The job of your realtor is to advertise and promote your home well so that they can get it sold. If you notice that there are not a lot of promotions for your home, ask your realtor about it. If you cannot get a solid answer, you should start looking for someone else.

The neighborhood you live in is the pits. In many cases it does not matter how great your house is because people will choose a better neighborhood any day. Think about it from the buyer’s point of view. If you could buy a great home in an area that is well known for crime or a fixer-upper in a low-crime area, which would you choose? If you say you would choose the fixer-upper, you can see exactly why potential buyers will opt to do the same. Since you cannot uproot the home and place it another area, you may want to make concessions that would make this home buy more attractive.

You have made so many upgrades that the cost of your home is more than comparable ones in the same area. This is a mistake that many real estate owners make. If you are not sure you can look at your home as a permanent living situation, you should not invest too much money into it. When you attempt to sell a home that has outrageously priced upgrades, it is never a good thing. No one wants to buy the most expensive house on the block if they can get one cheaper that is just as nice.

There is no magic trick out there that can guarantee you of a closing date for your home. Selling real estate is sometimes a waiting game and it may take quite some time before anyone is enticed into buying your home. If you have taken notice that most of the information above pertains to you, it would be a good idea to make some changes to get your home off of the market. If you would like a free no risk offer on your property, visit our website at

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