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Tips For Selling Your House, Getting Ready For Sale

Once you have made the decision to sell your house, you should ensure that it is in ready-to-move-in condition.  Buyers like a home that is clean and spacious and so do real estate agents.  If your home is in good condition, your agent will more than likely show it to more potential buyers.

Make the Outside Appealing


Nothing will make your home appear more appealing than a good paint job.  Before you undertake this job, ensure that you scrape any peeling paint, repair the gutters and replace any wood that is worn.


Mow the lawn and trim the edges.  Weed the entire garden.  Replace any dead plants and trim the trees.  Water the garden regularly to make the flowers bloom and the garden look alive and healthy.

Driveway, Garage and Carport

Clean up any oil spots that may be on the driveway or garage floor.  Ensure the garage door operates properly, particularly if you have an automated door.

Patio and Swimming Pool

Put out your patio furniture with some bright cushions.  Ensure that your swimming pool is sparkling and clean.  This always gives buyers a good feel about a house.


This is where the bulk of the work to prepare your house for viewing will be.  Most buyers spend more time walking through the inside of your house than the outside.  There are more potential problems for them to check inside.


Check the doors all open and close freely, including your sliding doors and cupboard doors.  Buyers tend to open and close doors to check this.  Tighten handles and grease any squeaky doors.  Do this throughout the house, not only the main doors.


If you have screens on the windows, replace or repair any damage.  If the damage is too extensive to repair, remove the screens.  It is better to have no screens than to have ugly looking broken ones.  Replace cracked or broken window panes.  Ensure that your curtain rods are in good condition.  Have your window coverings, be it blinds or curtains, cleaned.


Have the carpets cleaned or replaced if it is too tatty.  Clean the carpets a couple of weeks before you list the house to ensure the odors have been removed.  If you have tiles, clean it and polish if necessary.


Check that all the lights have a working bulb in them and that they are all functional.  Do this inside and out.

Everybody loves the idea of a spacious home.  Give viewers this feeling by moving your furniture around to provide more open space.  Pack away as much as you can, even if it means you have to obtain short term storage to make space.

Ensure that your house looks appealing and will give buyers the feeling that they do not have to do anything before they move in.  Make sure that both the outside and the inside are equally clean and fresh.  Move things around in your house to give potential buyers the idea that there is sufficient space. These are just a few tips for selling your house and getting it ready for sale.

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