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Showing Your House To Sell Your House Fast

When you want to sell your house and sell your house fast, you have to show it to potential buyers.  It is during these showings that some sellers make errors that cost them the sale of their house.  There are certain points that you have to keep in mind when you look at showing your home.

Not Being At Home

If you are working through an agent you should try and not be at home when they are showing the property.  Having the homeowners in the property can make some buyers uncomfortable as they feel they are interrupting something.  You do not have to be gone for the whole day, but just for the time it takes for the agent to show the property.

If you cannot leave, then try to stay in an out of the way area of the house.  You should not move from room to room trying to avoid the potential buyers because this can distract the buyers from the house.  You should also leave most of the questions to the agent.

Make Sure The Lights Are On

If you are going to show the house yourself then you have to ensure that you turn on the lights.  You should have the lights on in every room when you show the house.  This should be done whether the showing is during the day or at night.

When you show the house at night a well lit property looks homey from the road.  During the day having the lights on will remove shadows and light dim areas of the room.  You should not only have the inside lights on, but the outside lights as well.

Controlling Your Pets

There is nothing worse than having a showing of your house with your pets running around.  It is important that you control your pets when you have a showing.  There are a lot of people who do not like animals and the pets could leave them with a bad memory of your home.

If you have an indoor pet then you should confine them to a single room and put a sign on the door.  Most indoor pets will hide when strangers enter the room.  If you have outdoor pets you should try and confine them to a set area of the garden so they do not jump on potential buyers.

Make Sure The House Is Tidy

When you show your home you have to ensure that the entire house is clean and tidy.  If you show a cluttered house the buyers may have a hard time putting themselves in the house.  Clutter can also leave the potential buyers with a bad memory of what the house looks like.

House Fragrances

A mistake that many sellers make is using scented sprays before a showing.  This artificial fragrance is easy to pick up and makes you seem a bit desperate.  You should use a natural smell like flowers or vanilla essence.

The best way to sell your house fast is to have a good showing.  When you show your home you have to ensure that it is clean and that the pets are under control.  You should also refrain from using fragranced sprays in the house before the showing.

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