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Ideas For Getting The Most From The Sale Of Your Home

Selling your home yourself can have its advantages besides the fact you won’t have to fork over a big chunk of change to a realtor. Be aware that there are some things that can make or break a sale between you and a potential buyer. Some things will also help or hurt the sale but not necessarily make or break it. If you would like some friendly advice on the selling of your home, then continue on and check out the piece below.

You want your home to have curb appeal to any potential buyer that drives by or stops out front to get a better look. Clean up the front yard if you have messy trees that dump a lot of leaves in the fall. Have the front sidewalk that leads up to the house be free of clutter and toys or bikes; you wouldn’t want a possible buyer to trip over something walking up to the house. Clean up the front entry way and maybe give the front door and surrounding area a fresh coat of paint; this is the first thing they will see walking up.

Spruce up the inside of the house and concentrate on the kitchen and bathrooms for the places that will gain you the most for your efforts. Install a new kitchen faucet and possibly a new sink with stainless steel for an instant wow effect. Make sure everything in the kitchen is sparkling clean; wipe out the refrigerator and especially clean the oven. Mop the floor to give your kitchen that fresh spring clean kind of smell.

The bathroom, specifically the master bath, is the second most important room to a potential buyer. Just doing a few small changes or spruce ups will make a big impression to someone looking to purchase your home. Change out the fixtures for the sink and shower for that extra sparkle and possibly have a new toilet installed. A fresh coat of lighter colored paint will go a long way to brighten the bathroom area and give it a sense of cleanliness.

If you have any other rooms in the house that are a little dark or dreary, give them a new coat of light colored paint as well to freshen them up. You could knock this out in a weekend if you don’t let yourself get distracted and have all the supplies on hand before you begin. Make your kids help; this would be a good learning experience for them.  They can take pride in the fact they helped get the house ready for sale.

There are so many things you can do to improve the overall appeal of your home to the person interested in buying. This article has only touched on a few ideas, but you should get the general idea of what a small improvement can do to the buyer’s appeal factor. Just remember that fresh and clean are the most beneficial factors when selling your home. You can CLICK HERE to go to our site and get a free, no risk offer on your property within 48 hours.

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