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How To Get Fast Cash For Houses

With interest rates still historically low and the housing market beginning to stabilize, this may be a good time to sell your home and get fast cash for houses.  To maximize your chances for a quick and successful sale, try the following tips for upgrading your home:

1    Grab Their Attention.  Great curb appeal is one of the things realtors always emphasize and with good reason.  Many potential buyers will do a drive by first and may decide right then whether or not to even look inside.  Ensure your home is ready to lure those potential buyers.  Here are some great ideas:

o    Hang easily readable house numbers

o    Power wash walkways and siding

o    Plant bright blooming flowers and fresh greenery

o    Wash front windows

o    Mow the lawn and reseed or sod any dead spots in the lawn

o    Stain or repaint the porch floor

2    Make sure your home is clean and sparkling.  The floors should shine and the windows should gleam.  The grout should be white, even if it means re-grouting and every counter should be white glove clean.  You may want to invest in a professional cleaning team to do a deep cleaning because this is not the time to scrimp.  You want floor boards and wall boards scrubbed, as well as all the bathrooms and kitchen appliances cleaned.

3    Make your entrance and porch inviting.  A welcoming entrance says ìWelcome Homeî and it is not hard or expensive to do.  A pretty doormat and some blooming plants in pretty pots make a warm statement.  If thereís room, place a rocker or a couple of pieces of painted or woven wicker porch furniture in a conversation grouping.  Ensure your porch lights are on for any potential buyers who may drive by in the evenings.  Another nice touch is to install solar lights along the walkway or in the flowerbeds.  They do a lovely job of illuminating the front of a house in the evening.

4    Make it clutter-free.  This is a very serious step in staging your home for sale.  The clutter has to go, it is as simple as that.  Clear, clean surfaces, cabinets, closets, and floors equate to more space to potential buyers so minimize what is on display and what is in the cabinets and closets, and on the floors and counters.  Put away personal pictures and mementos.   Potential buyers like to be able to imagine how their belongings will look in the house.

5      Leave the closets open and the lights on.  Aim to have twenty to thirty percent open space in your closets.  This gives a very good impression of spaciousness in the closets.  Get rid of anything you do not absolutely need, even if you need to store boxes somewhere else.  Then leave all of the closet doors open because potential buyers will look in the closets anyway, so invite them in.

Leave as many lights on in the house as possible. The brighter a home, the better is appears to potential buyers.  If there are lights in closets, leave them on, too.

These steps will help your home seem inviting to potential buyers and encourage them to imagine how they can make it their own and in return, get fast cash for houses.

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