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Essential Tips to Selling a House Without Realtors

The recent downturn in the economy has taken away much of the equity in most everyone’s home. As a result, many of those about to retire believing that they had financial security in the home, finally realize that it is time to sell the house and reap little if any profit. Because of that, it is necessary to attempt to sell the home without spending an additional 6% or 7% on a commission to a local realtor.

Recent studies indicate that nearly 50% of every household in the United States happens without using a real estate agent. However, this also means that it is not available in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or any of the other valuable tools used by realtors. Because of that, it requires an additional set of skills necessary to get the home sold.

The first essential tip in getting the home sold in a timely manner is deciding exactly how much the house is worth. Usually, the seller has no clue of the current real estate market in their neighborhood. Setting a price much too high drives away a potential buyer. Setting it to low gives away much-needed funds. Therefore, pricing the house accordingly is the number one most important consideration. Use every available tool online and off-line to get an accurate measurement of exactly how much the home is worth.

The second tip is to consider all the available ways of using sweat to generate extra equity. This means cleaning the house inside and out. If everything sparkles and shines including the bathrooms and kitchens, any potential buyer will likely be impressed. In addition room should be brightened up using light-colored, comfortable tone paints.

In addition, remove any family picture, knickknack or souvenir. Stage the house to appear to be de-cluttered and basic in style. Remember that you are not inviting someone over to enjoy an evening at home, but want to sell the house. Staging is a key component they can help deliver potential candidates that are eager to purchase the house.

Use the Internet as much as possible to advertise at the house is being sold. Recognize that you are likely up against stiff competition from the Multiple Listing Service used by national realtors. There are many locations online that will accept a listing for free.

When it comes time to actually negotiate on the home, it is essential to have all legal professionals and paperwork completely lined up. You will likely need to consult with title agents, closing officers and even real estate attorneys to help you throughout the entire process. One little slip up might cost you the sale. Therefore, it is imperative to have all of your paperwork fully lined up before even getting started.

A major key component to make sure that the house goes through and the sale is completed is to have the potential buyer pre-approved for a mortgage. With a written pre-approval letter, you can be assured that the sale will likely transpire.

You can contact us if you are selling a house in the Metro Atlanta area. We will give you a fair, fast cash offer to sell your property headache free in as is condition.

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