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Don’t Make This Costly Mistake When Selling Your Home

If you have lived in your home for many years it may be difficult for you to sell. Like most people, you may have attached a strong emotional attachments to your home.  You may stand and look into the kitchen and remember when your children were small and standing on their tiptoes as they reached for something in the refrigerator. Or you may recall the many family gatherings when everyone inevitably ended up in the kitchen laughing and talking.

The problem with emotional attachments is that they can cloud your thinking. When it comes to selling your house, you must become a business person and a marketer first — not an emotional homeowner.

Perhaps that is well illustrated when it comes to establishing an asking price. Most real estate agents can tell you stories about clients they have had who insisted on pricing their homes way over the established market value. Why? Not because they were greedy, but because they did not want to cheapen their memories.

“How can I sell it at that price?” they might have exclaimed. “I raised four kids in this house! Our daughter was married in the backyard! We designed the entire patio area ourselves.”

It is certainly easy to understand why home sellers feel that way. But when it comes to pricing your home you must consider not what the house means to you, but what it will mean to the eventual buyers. They are not the least bit interested in the stories of the past. They are looking for a home for their future.

Think about it. When you were searching for your house, didn’t you come prepared with a list of homes that had recently sold in the area and what they sold for? Weren’t you well aware of the housing prices in the neighborhoods where you were searching? Would you have considered paying more for a house simply because of what the house meant to the sellers? Not likely!

Along those same lines, you must be realistic when comparing your house to others that have sold in the neighborhood. If your house is a three bedroom home with two bathrooms and no basement, it is not equal to a home with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a completely finished basement. That is should not hurt your feelings, it is simply a fact you will have to face.

Real estate agents will tell you that the number one key to selling your house is pricing it correctly. You can make massive improvements to your home and they may add some value. But if your house is priced way over the market value, you will not get buyers interested. As a matter of fact, you will actually be helping your neighbors who are trying to sell their homes. How? Because your higher price will make their homes look like better deals!

Just remember, selling your home is a business proposition. Your emotional attachments to your home must be put aside and you must think like business person and a marketer. To obtain a fast cash offer on your property with in 48 hours, please visit our website.

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